Stemming from my time spent in San Francisco and New York between 2014 and 2018, Zero Days Left is a personal account of restlessness, ecstasy and despair while coming into adulthood following the economic recession. There was, and continues to be, the underlying fear that we will be swept under the current of rapidly advancing technology. Friends live in unkempt apartments on dirty streets and strangers drink and dance in cheap bars. Everything about that time feels like chaos.

The moments are not significant life milestones, they are brief encounters that would otherwise be forgotten in the passing of space and time; the smaller moments that make up the majority of our lives. The images are whimsical, energetic and hopeful, despite the looming belief that the culture of consumption also applies to people - with only a matter of time before we too, are used up and disposed of. Zero Days Left is subtly political and reveals a critical, yet empathetic perspective on our participation in modern society. 

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November 2019